Mahima Herbals    

Mahima Herbals
Bulk Supply – Import – Export - Trade
Ayurved Raw Materials, Herbs, Spices, Botanicals, Medicinal Gum,Crude Drugs

Mumbai (Old Name Bombay) - India based company in to
Export - Import - Trade -  Supply of Herbs, Ayurveda Raw material (Indian Herbal System of Medicine) , Crude drugs, botanicals, Spices, Medicinal Gum etc.

Raw materials for Ayurveda Health products, Ayurveda Pharmaceutical, Herbal Teas, Herbal Cosmetics, Herbal Extracts, Diet Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food Additives, Fragrance Flavour, Perfumery & Essential Oils, Herbal Vet products etc.

Customer’s satisfaction has always been the basic essence of our business. We have team of committed people looking after quality control & sourcing.

Product of the Month - Licorice - Mulethi - Yestimadhu