Mahima Herbals    

About Us

Mahima Herbals  has been established since 1995.
                 .............................Our Business is HERBS..!!

We are Bombay, now Mumbai - India based company in to Herbs, Ayurveda (Indian Herbal System of Medicine) Raw material, Crude botanicals, Spices, Medicinal Gum etc. promoted by First Generation Entrepreneur Ritesh Shah is well travelled and having vast experience in herbal Industry. He has worked on grass root level with Herbs collectors to cultivators, having keen interest in conservation along with commercials.

  Started in 1995 as a small trading & supply company. Today Mahima Herbals have grown many folds. Serving industry leaders to a small manufacture. Customers satisfaction has always been the basic essence of our business.

We aim to provide entire range of Herbs, Spices, Gums, Ayurveda (Indian Herbal System of Medicine) Raw Material to our customers throughout India and worldwide by providing not only Quality raw materials but also at reasonable price. We are in direct contact with the cultivators, Forest Collectors, Dealers, Traders. This helps us in evaluating the best source & season to buy. We have agents at various location in India and overseas. Our Herbs are free of foreign materials. There is no admixture of herbs. Herbs are cultivated, Collected and dried, cleaned at the source collection centre itself. 

Proper Storage of Products is also equally important. We have conveniently located stock depot at Vashi- New Bombay and  have tie up with cold storage / Warehouse for storing of materials. In  this way we offer our customers not only the best Quality material but also the best price. Over these years our reputation for certified quality, timely delivery and commercially viable pricing have increased the demand of our products many folds.

Our customers includes large Ayurveda Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Extract manufacture, Phyto-chemicals Manufacturer to Herbal Cosmetic Manufacturer, Nutraceuticals Manufacturer, Herbal Healthcare related companies etc. We serve following industries

  • Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Herbal Extract, Phytochemical & Alkaloid Manufacturer
  • Herbal Drink / Tea Manufacturer, Formulator
  • PanMasala / Chewing Tobacco Manufacturer
  • Natural Remedies / Herbal Cosmetic Manufacturer
  • Nutraceuticals Manufacturer
  • Spices, Diet Supplement & Food Industry
  • Ayurvedic and Unani Drug Industry
  • Practitioners of Ayurved(Indian Herbal System) Medicines
  • Homeopathic Manufacturer
  • Herb, Ayurved Raw Materials Traders
  • Flavour, Essential oil & Aromatics Manufacturer
  • Fragrance Industry

Bulk Supply – Import – Export - Trade